Etrigan Hawke


Etrigan Hawke is a young human knight living in the village of East Ridge with a group of youths under the watchful eye of Arestina Steelsmith.

His parents were merchant folk who traveled the hinterlands frequently often hunting and trading for the best deals. As he was never in want for anything, he knew they were very successful. Learning from their example, Etrigan can find a good deal anywhere.

Traveling in these times is a dangerous business and everyone is expected to be able to defend themselves and their cargo from attack by bandits and other more exotic dangers. Etrigan believes that as it is the world is too barbaric to live in and in changing it for the better. He immediately took to the martial disciplines. The family guards imparted on him the basic lessons but it was an adventurer, hired temporarily as a guard who knew that he could be so much more.

He studied the Arts of the Blade with the half-elven Quohan. His bladework became so refined that there was nothing he could not with a sword.

Upon completing his apprenticeship he traveled to East Ridge. He went to see Arestina Steelsmith, a sort of adoptive aunt of his to see what she had in store for him after an arrangement made with his parents. He discovered he has an aptitude for making anything. Arestina Steelsmith saw this and taught him the arts of the Warsmith.

Staying in East Ridge for an extended period also proved one thing. He has an insatiable urge to travel.

Etrigan Hawke

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