Quentin Markingway


Generations ago, Quentin’s family migrated from far to the north when their holdings were overrun by Orcs and Ogres. He does not know where his roots lie and the only clue is the family name of Markingway. His family has always stressed the importance and nobility of the name and the name within the name, whatever that means.

Not much is left of his family these days, hardship, disease, and the usual problems of bandits and pirates took their toll. To make ends meet and perhaps to hide from authorities for one grievance or another, Quentin signed up in the pirate ship, Midnight’s Revenge.

He had his share of booty and plunder, and went by the name Khendon Blackmark – for the strange black markings on his left arm. He was the ship’s navigator and fence, selling booty in unscrupulous places. Eventually however, the authorities caught up with them and with an flotilla of ships cornered and nearly sunk their ship. They killed the ship’s captain and destroyed the strange device that controlled the ship’s enchantment. If not for Quentin’s discovery he would not be alive today.

He near single-handedly saved the ship and brought it about to a deserted island where he knew many sailors were left to die. He recruited the men and marines to crew the ship, had them fix and repaint the vessel and rename it the Slippery Wench. He then ventured into trade.

Quentin calls himself a merchant now and to hear him say it: “I’m a merchant, a fence, and a corsair, there is much I can do.” Nesmalen in Merindaelion, Barony of the Emerald Blade is his new port of call. The ship however also calls on Talon Bay as Quentin and his crew do some occasional privateer work. He even has a commission.

He’s also a very able navigator and businessman and frequently boasts ‘I can always find my way.’ He can back it up too. Calm and unflappable, he is unshakeable and can handle any situation.

Charming and roguish, Quentin has good intentions and wants to learn about and restore his old family, seeking to redeem it in the process. He also wants to lead an armada one day.

His one vice is riches. He really can’t resist money and power.


Quentin Markingway

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