The Slippery Wench


The Slippery Wench is the flag-and-only-ship of Quentin Markingway. It is registered as a merchant vessel and occasional privateer in Nesmalen, of the Emerald Blade Barony.

It’s well appointed and provisioned and has plenty of space for cargo. It also has more than ample space for it’s crew. It also has places and fittings for ballistae and catapults.

The name derived from the ship’s unusual enchantment. The mast and sails are enchanted to be able to contain and resist wind, giving it bursts of speed and the ability to sail directly against the wind without losing speed. Quentin seems to be the only person able of controlling it.

The ship was previously known as Midnight’s Revenge, a named after the place where the ship was first taken. Ages ago, after the fall of Nerath, pirates captured this ship in the Midnight Sea. Learning about but unable to control the enchantment, they commissioned a device to control it and taught its operation to their officers. How the device was made so easily and where the plans came from was never found out.

Generations of pirates owned the ship, shifting hands in many different ways. However, they remained consistent. The ship was notorious and because of its acts of piracy and its unusual enchantments it gained a title: Midnight’s Revenge, Knife of the Ocean.

Long before those events, the ship was in the Imperial Navy. It was the Nerathi Frigate called the Iron Guardian. Its enchantments were designed to chase down pirates and other enemies of Nerath. It was one of many. Those who sailed these enchanted ships were members of the House Waymarker. They used their Marks to control the enchantments of the ship but also gave some devices to their trusted officers in case of an emergency.

During the decades of the Fall of Nerath, the Iron Guardian was the flagship of the squadron used by the Houses to see to the safety of their descendants. It said with one batch to Vailindor and the Deep Havens. It was on its return voyage to find any other survivors when it was captured by opportunistic pirates.

The ship in question is ancient. However, its deck and hull have been replaced many times with new wood but the mast and sails have endured the test of time appearing almost new. Its history is also a strange one with the core of the Marks carved into areas in the captain’s chambers. As Fate would have it, it is the selfsame ship that brought Quentin’s ancestors to safety, though he does not know it.

The Slippery Wench

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