Around two thousand years ago, the great Human empire of Nerath was destroyed by a deadly civil war and a great horde of evil humanoids that swept through the land. The Nine Kings and Queens of the empire made a final heroic stand in the White City of Nera. They fought against the Dread Lord Xavros, a former King who led the Humanoid tribes over the Great Eastern Wall and laid waste to the Empire.

All in Nera were slaughtered by the invading Orc, Goblin and Ogre marauders, and the Empire shattered into chaos. But there have always been rumors that the children of the Nine Kings and Queens somehow escaped the carnage and survived. There is no evidence of this however.

Cut to the present day. In the small village of East Ridge, near the walled town of Fallcrest, five individuals, brought up as siblings by the town’s female blacksmith Arestina Steelsmith, have just finished their adventuring apprenticeships and are returning to East Ridge for the Midsummer Eve festival. There they meet up with two unusual visitors to the town: Terslan, a Dragonborn scholar and his Shifter bodyguard Winter. They wish to explore the old ruins outside of town.

The Chosen of Fate: Marks of the Stars

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